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Kalman and Annamarie Dobos

Kalman and Annamarie Dobos

Trans World Radio Europe
Vienna, Austria

Kalman and Annamarie are Hungarian-born Americans. They grew up in Hungary when it was still behind the Iron Curtain and they both testify to the significant role Trans World Radio (TWR) played in their lives. Kalman was about eleven years old when his mother began to listen to the gospel messages. Similarly, Annamarie was exposed to those same programs after her mother found the TWR transmission and became a regular listener.

Kalman has been able to serve in many ways with TWR, including radio speaker, program producer, frequency coordinator, as well as providing technical support for the monitoring and frequency coordination team.

Currently, Kalman and Annamarie are in the U.S. on medical leave. During their time here, Kalman continues carrying out his technical responsibilities for TWR by logging into the Vienna system via the Internet.

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